Brizo Maritime Consulting can undertake a wide range of activities on your behalf, including developing and reviewing policy, plans, and procedures; creating and implementing advocacy and outreach strategies; and facilitating group meetings or other activities for a myriad of matters that fall under the umbrellas of maritime security and nautical operations.

Additionally, Brizo Maritime Consulting can help you and your organization pursue regulatory and legislative opportunities - whether developing regulations or drafting responses to the federal docket or other national and international entities. We are also happy to help you develop conference or meeting content, as well as provide subject matter expertise for panels and other speaking engagements.

Maritime security and nautical operations encompass many elements and topics. Brizo Maritime Consulting can provide expertise related to the areas listed below. If you need something else, please do not hesitate to contact us, as the list below is not intended to be exhaustive.

Maritime Security

Physical Security – Identifying best practices and implementation plans at sea, pier-side, and further afield

Cyber Security –  Developing shipboard cyber security guides and ship-to-shore/shore-to-ship cyber security protocols

Information-sharing – Making introductions, building networks, and developing strategies for overcoming barriers

Security Plans – Drafting terminal, facility, and ship security plans

Security-related Regulatory Requirements – Determining how best to implement regulations and other voluntary and mandatory policies, whether international (e.g., ISPS) or specific to a particular country (e.g., U.S. Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act [CVSSA])

Nautical Operations

Navigation and Hydrography – Developing engagement strategies with charting authorities and nav/hydro experts to ensure that navigational charts and other tools are meeting your needs

Facilitation, Customs, and Immigration – Working with national authorities and industry to find the right balance between the efficient flow of international trade and travel and maintaining national security through fair and practical policies and practices

Communications – Advocating for streamlined communication methods at sea that also introduce a fair and competitive marketplace for comms providers

Search and Rescue – Ensuring that SAR resource providers are aware of industry and commercial capabilities and vice versa; as well as assisting in the development of effective and efficient international and national regulations and policies

Contingency and Emergency Planning – Developing, reviewing, and exercising plans for natural and man-made emergency scenarios

Other Shipboard Systems - Providing strategic technical expertise for various systems, including man overboard (MOB) detection technologies